novoCam products fulfill the MDR 2017 /745 requirements and they are registered in EU as medical class I device.

proCam XS

Manual focus 4K camera for loupes and headbands

A miniature size camera with giant 4K features for loupe or light mounting. proCam XS is half the size of the previous generation and boasts a Sony IMX 415 sensor for pristine video and still images, weighs only 14 grams, with manual focus to ensure 100% clarity when working loupe mounted.


Autofocus 4K camera for treatment/overhead lights

Our first 4K auto focus camera is specially designed for light mounting, also possible to use with loupes and Headbands. The fast auto focus and pristine image quality with a Sony IMX415 sensor allows for even easier operation. smartCam is a great choice for high level documentation, communication, and live streaming for communication and educational cases.


4K C-mount camera for microscopes

Connect your scopeCam to any microscope with a C-mount beam splitter to capture your view. Use your scopeCam hands-free with your computer to capture high-res videos and still pictures for documentation, communication and education.