your vision

Recording videos and taking still images during operation is fast and intuitive. No video filming skills are required.

novoCam solution

novoCam cameras with the recording software offer an enhanced and seamless workflow for recording non obstructed point-of-view videos and still images that can be showed live on a screen in the OR to enhance the documentation of procedures and communication. With Novocam solution the operatory point of view can easily be shared within the operating team, giving them firsthand sight of the operation.

Normal operatory overhead light images are too wide to give exact view of the operation and is often obstructed by the heads and hands of the surgical team. The cameras are USB connected to ensure continuous operation and recording for the whole procedure and connects to normal medical PC’s.


proCam XS

Manual focus 4K camera for loupes and headbands


Autofocus 4K camera for
treatment/overhead lights


4K C-mount camera for microscopes